Episode 59 with Avid Dancer

April 9th, 2015


What's up listeners! Another good one today. This episode is with Jacob Summers a.k.a. Avid Dancer before his recent solo appearance at Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco. Really enjoyed being able to speak with Jacob and I really enjoy his music. 
His debut album '1st Bath' is going to be available this coming Tuesday (April 14th) so be sure to pick that up, really excited for this record!
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Episode 58 with The Family Crest

April 8th, 2015


What's up listeners! We have a good one today. This episode is with John (left) and Liam (right) of The Family Crest from their recent appearance at Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco. As you'll probably figure out, I enjoyed talking to these guys and had a lot of fun. Please be sure to share this episode if you enjoyed it and subscribe to our podcast if you want more episodes like this one.
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Episode 52 with Nikki Glaser (Again!)

April 2nd, 2015


We're back and so is our guest! Nikki Glaser returns to the podcast to shame me and catch me up on The Batchelor as well as to talk about @Midnight, Inside Amy Schumer, and Trainwreck. Thank you so much for listening. Apologies for the audio buzzes and hums. Please share this episode and subscribe for others coming soon!
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Episode 56 with Night Riots

March 12th, 2015

Another new podcast! This one with the band Night Riots during their stop in San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop. Band that is really easy to talk to, this episode could have gone on so much longer. I apologize in advance, I know there's a couple of audio "buzzes," did my best to correct those in post. Despite this issue, I hope you enjoy the episode and subscribe to receive more coming up in the near future!
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Episode 55 with Joe Derosa

March 11th, 2015


This is my interview with Joe Derosa during his previous stop in San Francisco at the Punchline Comedy Club. It was a pleasure to talk with Joe about dogs, Seinfeld, and his work on The Pete Holmes Show. You can check out Joe's own podcast called Down with Joe Derosa!
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Episode 54 with Wild Party

March 4th, 2015


Luckily got to talk with the band Wild Party at their recent stop in San Francisco. The band's latest release, 'Phantom Pop' is available wherever you find music! Be sure to subscribe as a lot more episodes are on the way.
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Episode 53 with Beth Stelling

February 19th, 2015


Fantastic new episode with comedian Beth Stelling during her stop in San Francisco at the SF Punchline. Such a fun episode to do and after going back and listening to it, I realized that we reminisced and dwelled on going to school at Miami (OH) for a while. Apologies for the light hum and other slight audio difficulties. I did as many repairs in post as possible.
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Episode 52 with Todd Glass

February 7th, 2015

Hello everyone! Very excited to be out interviewing again and now that I'm in one location for at least a good chunk of time, I decided my interviews would come with me once again. I have now moved out to San Francisco and fortunately timed my stay in accordance with SF Sketchfest. My first interview from California is with the hilarious Todd Glass. He's extremely funny and incredibly personable. I could not be happier that he was able to take the time to speak with me. Please check out Todd's podcast over on Nerdist and be sure to grab his book, "The Todd Glass Situation, it's a very interesting story. Please enjoy this episode! 

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Episode 51 with The Apache Relay

December 1st, 2014

Awesome interview I did with The Apache Relay during their tour stop in Cincinnati. Incredibly awesome guys and extremely awesome musicians. The band was on tour with Desert Noises and The Wild Feathers and I could not think of a better group of bands to be able to see, all incredible performers. You should all do yourselves a favor and check out The Apache Relay's self-titled album ASAP, it's absolutely fantastic.

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Episode 50 with Great Good Fine OK

November 29th, 2014

Very fun interview I recorded in Indianapolis when Great Good Fine OK was on tour opening for Betty Who and Joywave. Can't believe we've hit 50 podcast episodes already, the time has just flown by.

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